Forza Horizon 3 Review

71d03mw4dil-_ac_sl1200_Forza Horizon 3 is truly an amazing game and it has managed to outclass the Forza Horizon 2 that was released 2 years ago, on Xbox One. Forza Horizon 3 is developed by Playground Games. This game is rated E according to ESRB and it was released in September 2016. The new game has captured the imaginations of everyone who loves cars and traveling. In Forza Horizon 3, you will get to explore Australia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world on some of the greatest cars ever made as the makers of this game bring you the ultimate celebration of cars, music and freedom to do whatever you want on the open roads. It is not about the destinations but all about the journey you set on and it up to you to decide how you get there.


Like the earlier editions of Forza Horizon, this new game revolves around a party like event named Horizon Festival. This time the event is held on the continent of Australia with beautiful beaches, city streets, rainforests, and many more wonderful locations that will take your breath away. The map is completely different and unique from the earlier Forza Horizon games. They have included speed traps, stunt jumps, drift zones, barn fields and amazing Forza Horizon staples. Whether you are online or offline, you will find this game immensely entertaining and you will find many other drivers that add a lot of life to this game and you feel like you are not alone. The most amazing thing you will find about this game is its setting which is the Continent of Australia and it is beautiful and breathtaking providing you with amazing moments that will just take your breath away. Overall, Forza Horizon is an amazing game and you will be on the edge of your seat playing this game.

Hours and hours of fun
Hours and hours of fun

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered Review

51lsigtewlCall of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered is back with a bang and they have taken this game to the next level in each and every way. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an amazing game and the single player experience is much improved from the earlier editions. The relationships built in short amount of time are surprisingly strong and the credit needs to be given to the makers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered for their excellence and vision to bring the best we have ever seen in Call of Duty world. Infinity Ward is the developer of this fantastic game and Ward has surprised us again with amazing storyline and breathtaking visuals. The graphics and animations are much improved from the 2007 version and there are some moments that will truly take your breath away. As always, Call of Duty has not disappointed its fans but they have managed to get more people hooked to Call of Duty franchise with excellent editions to the game.

When you play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered, the first thing you will notice is the how the shooting mechanics are so much smoother. They have tweaked the mechanics and it has never felt better. Shooting feels precise and if you want to notice the difference even more than we recommend you play one of the earlier editions of Call of Duty and you will see the difference. Multiplayer is better than ever before. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered includes amazing and iconic maps like Ambush, Backlot, Bog, Crossfire, Downpour and Shipment. There are more maps out there that are equally as exciting and fun. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mastered is a fantastic game and it will keep you on the edge throughout.

Call of Duty 4 - One of my favorite games of all time
Call of Duty 4 – One of my favorite games of all time

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DJI Phantom 3 Review

51scvaaqol-_sl1056_It doesn’t matter if you are a professional filmmaker or a small content creator on Youtube, the DJI Phantom drone is a must have if you want to create awesome videos. With the DJI Phantom 3 you can easily capture professional-quality footage from an entirely new perspective. In my opinion, DJI makes some of the best drones you can buy, and not many drones can compete with the new Phantom 3. has said that “DJI’s Phantom 3 is the best POV drone money can buy.”

Check out the DJI Phantom 3 in action

This drone is packed with tons and tons of awesome and unique features, but we will quickly run through some of the details for you.

4K Video

Unlike many other domains on the market, the Phantom 3 can effortlessly shoot video in 4K at up to 30 fps (frames per second) and can take 12 megapixel photos so your footage looks crisp and beautiful

3-Axis Gimbal

With the 3-Axis stabilization gimbal, you do not have to worry about your footage being shaky, the camera will be stable at all times no matter how you fly the drone.

61ytafk8k4l-_sl1500_Live HD View

This is my favorite thing about this drone, you can see exactly what footage your drone is capturing in real time. All you have to do is connect a phone or tablet to the controller and you will see 720p HD view of everything your camera is seeing. I have spent hours and hours just exploring new areas around my house, it is so much fun!

Easy to Fly

Now you may ask yourself, is this thing hard to fly? The answer is No! DJI has made this drone very easy to fly, the control are intuitive. From takeoff to landing, the drone will always be under you control.

This drone is also very intelligent, one example is the auto take off, with the touch of one button, the drone will turn on its motors and rise to a preset height. This drone also comes with a feature called ‘Auto-Return Home’, which is exactly what it sounds like, your drone will remember the location it took of from, simply press a button and the drone will return back home to you. Now what happens if the battery runs low or you lose connection during flight? Like I said, the drone is very smart, it will automatically return home.

I am a huge fan of drones and I have bought over a dozen drones and I can say that the Phantom 3 is the best one. With an awesome camera, real-time HD video display, intuitive flight control and a ton of more useful features, the Phantom 3 is unlike any other drone on the market. If you are looking to buy a drone, I highly recommend the DJI Phantom 3.